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Partner: I’m glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song, seems like we just got started and then before you know it...
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Full name >> Tobias Eaton
Nickname >> Toby (Mostly to tease) - Four (His football shirt number was ‘4’, because his coach always forgot his name and called him Four, everybody started calling him Four in High School. He now likes to introduce himself that way.)
Sexe >> Male
Age >> 21
Family >> Dianne  Jones [Mother] - Edward Eaton [Father]

Height >> 1.86
Weight >> 80 kg
Build >> Tobias has a very muscular build that gives him this healthy and sportive look. His build gives him that ‘masculine’ appearance and makes him look taller than he is. A big part of his weight is muscle, as he trains very often.
Eyes >> Tobias has brown eyes, that give him a look wh can be described as ‘a silent masculinity’. It has a little touch of playfulness in it though. His eyes mostly resemble his feelings and thoughts.
Hair >> Tobias has brown hair that falls different all the time. One day it’s all styled and pretty, the other day it’s wild and has the ‘out of bed’ look. He likes to keep it short, but not too short.

Protective. It’s not the first word you think about when you see him walking around, but it definitely fits him. When he cares about you, he’ll feel the need to protect you no matter what. This might result in some irritating overprotection, but he’ll do it because he cares about you. Other words to describe him might be: friendly, innocent flirting, joker, … He loves to make new friends and is very social because of that. The innocent flirting part is mostly portrayed when he’s with hot girls. He’ll never be really serious, but he likes joking around. Naturally he also like sjoking around when it doesn’t involve women. Stupid jokes, funny or not, are his thing.

Growing up, Tobias never had much problems with life. He had a loving mother and father, maybe he’d liked the company of a younger or older brother, but as an only child he got almost everything he could ask for. School was great too. He was a smart kid and made friends easily. As he grew up it all stayed that way.
He went to High School, kept the image of the popular nice guy and because of his natural build and training he soon made it into the football team. He was sixteen at the time and he soon got his nickname. His coach always called him by his shirt number, which was four, because he could never remember Tobias’ name. Everybody started calling him Four and he liked the mystery of introducing himself with a number.
In that same year, a girl captured his attention. She was what people described as a ‘natural beauty’. Her hair had a blond color with streaks of a darker colour in it, and her eyes were that kind of blue you couldn’t say no to. Introducing himself to the girl was the hardest part, because she never seemed to ‘see’ him. Apparently she thought of him as some jock she’d better not hang out with. He always introduced himself as ‘Four’ and almost everyone has forgotten his real name. After trying a couple of times he once introduced himself as Tobias Eaton. She smiled and introduced herself as Eliza Beckett, but also made it clear she already had a boyfriend. Tobias nodded and just asked if she wanted to go do something, as friends.
She was the one who introduced him to horses, created a big love for these noble creatures in his heart. They mostly spend their time there, Eliza teaching him to ride and understand these animals. She owned a palomino Tennessee Walking Horse. A fierce, yet calm horse named Atlas.
It was almost spring break when Eliza called him, crying, and asked him if he could come. He immediately went to the stabled and found her in her horse’s stable. She had a wound on her forehead and her jaw was bruised. After fixing up her wound and getting some ice for her jaw she told him everything that happened. About how her boyfriend abuses her and how she doesn’t dare to get away from him. She tells him he got angry because she was hanging around with Tobias. But she also told him how much more it would hurt her when they’d stop having contact, so Tobias decided to keep having contact with her, but he’d protect her. He promised he’d protect her.

A few months later Tobias turned seventeen and spring break started. His parents forced him to go on vacation with them, a girl could wait for him for 2 weeks. that was their theory. He finally agreed, but on the permission that he could take the plane home after a week. A week was long enough for something to happen though, and when he came back, he found out about that. Eliza was dead, killed by her boyfriend who committed suicide after. It took him months to cope with it, but he never fully let it go. He had promised to protect her, but he didn’t when she needed it.
He pulled himself together after a few months and tried to continue his life. He bought Atlas and after finishing High School, he moved to Rywale, where he now lives in an apartment.
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Tobias Eaton
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